What to expect from the energy sector in 2022

The New Year has finally come, so let us raise a toast to new beginnings and new opportunities. As we discussed in our Energy Awareness blog post, Energy is an integral part of our lives and is one of the most sought-after products in the world. Energy conservation efforts, scientific discoveries, and the general human desire to improve our daily lives will always be conducive to change. History has demonstrated that minor occurrences and ideas can lead to technology’s most innovative leaps forward. Government projects and proposals, amongst other factors, set to commence in 2022 are due to shake up the energy sector and allow new jobs and opportunities to surface. Let us break down some key factors set to impact Energy in 2022. 

Climate change has been a controversial subject around the world for years. While some suggest that climate change should not be considered an international crisis, growing scientific evidence, and current unusual weather changes have helped catapult concern for the environment around the world. Efforts surrounding recycling, water conservation, and renewable resources are set to increase significantly in the upcoming years, opening the door to new industries, technologies, and ideas. 

According to a new AP-NORC/EPIC poll and the University of Chicago, climate change concerns are substantial and increasing. Three in four Americans agree that climate change is real. Forty-one percent conclude that it is caused primarily by human activity; you can expect to see support for the clean energy movement to pick up some speed in the upcoming months. Taking some time to research the effects of global warming along with discovering what you and your family can do to slow it down could get you ahead of the game for the new year. The most remarkable change comes from influential organizations; therefore, people in high-ranking positions within the energy industry who care about the environment are key to future progress. If you find yourself in a position where a career change seems to be the right choice for you, or are a high school student, consider looking into a career in energy through University or a trade program. 

The incredible advancements accomplished in recent years, such as those for electric cars thanks to the new public interest and significant investments, mark the beginning of a new age in Energy. It seems the world has finally begun to see the importance of renewable energy for our future. Goals to reduce the use of coal in nations worldwide, like the ones here in the United States, will leave a vacuum in the energy sector. Improvements to existing clean energy technology, such as wind turbines or water plants, will be required to keep up with the demand for power these countries must meet. Accompanied by an increasingly clean energy market, accelerated demand for new technology is bound to follow. Clean energy technology flourished in 2021, likely due to the COVID 19 Pandemic that temporarily limited the use of public buildings and transportation. But this does not mean everything will go back to usual once the pandemic ends. 

The world is hungry for change, and new technologies are being developed each day to help reach international clean energy goals. Taking some time this year to investigate new opportunities in energy could prove to be more lucrative than one might imagine. Something as small as making sure you turn off the lights in empty rooms or understanding the correct way to recycle to something as significant as pursuing a professional career in clean energy can make a substantial difference. 

Government policy will always be one of the main contributors to climate change reform. The laws that are put in place to address the disposal of waste, the use of the resources we have, and the type of resources that are used must be addressed and modified where appropriate if the clean energy goals the public wants to see are to be accomplished. In the past year, the United States and countries such as the UK and Mexico have experienced the beginning of progress in clean energy. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) bill passed in the US alone will create millions of jobs in the next two years and will open the doors to many of the opportunities mentioned above.  

If climate change is something you are passionate about or something you wish to become more educated about, this is a great year to get the ball rolling and make some real change! Support for clean energy is stronger than ever before. Students and young adults are due to experience a new opportunity to pursue a hands-on, highly in demand and high paying career if they feel a traditional four year university is not right for them. 

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