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Introducing The Energy-Water Nexus

The way our world manages energy and water resources will define the century. The choices we make today will have an impact on our tomorrow. Our modern society depends on these resources, and managing them wisely begins with education.

Smart Energy Education is a collection of programs and resources for students, educators, professionals, and communities aimed at boosting energy and water literacy.

From lessons to hands-on activities, media and interactive games, Smart Energy Education has what teachers, students, and families need to discover the benefits of saving water and energy.

Together, we can inspire conservation, advance sustainability, and create a more resourceful world.

Energy-Saving & Conservation Initiatives

Lil' Tex and Ann

Watt Watchers

Watt Watchers of Texas is a state-sponsored STEM program to help boost energy literacy for grades K-12 students and help schools save money by saving energy.



Resourcefulness: An Introduction to the Energy-Water Nexus teaches key concepts about water and energy for 6-12 classrooms, colleges, industry, and the general public.

Energy 101

Energy 101 covers the vocabulary, history, resources, technology, and cross-cutting social, political, and economic factors associated with global energy trends.

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