Plug Into Energy with Smart Energy Education Virtual Field Trips

The past two years have been full of surprises. In person restrictions continue to be implemented around the world and pose a unique obstacle for educators. Although most schools have returned to in-person learning, having in-school guest speakers and field trips are still not available for many schools. With the start of the new school year in full swing, educators everywhere are now faced with the challenge of making up for lost options and continue to use their creativity to create exciting activities and lesson plans to use in their classes. Thankfully, the successful implementation of virtual learning in the classroom over the past year and a half has demonstrated that we can adapt to new circumstances no matter the obstacles and has inspired many to continue using their creativity to supplement their lessons with virtual experiences and programs. Smart Energy Education has an abundance of online resources for teachers and students – and now we’re happy to launch a new opportunity for schools; the SEE Virtual Field Trip series. 

Through the SEE Virtual Field Trips, schools will have access to live presentations with experts in the energy sector such as author, professor and energy expert, Dr. Michael E Webber. Developed in partnership with SECO, CPS Energy, Itron, inc. and The University of Texas at Austin, the Virtual Field Trip program aims to boost energy and water literacy while giving students more information about jobs in the energy industry. Today students have more choices after graduation and for their future careers. Picking which career you would like to pursue as a student can be an incredibly stressful and daunting process, however having a professional who is an expert in their field walk the class through their experience and job responsibilities can be an excellent resource. Our SEE VFTs provide everything mentioned above in an interactive 30 – 45 minute session, which easily fits into planned lessons.

Virtual Field trips offered by Smart Energy Education create a special experience because they allow for both the ability to talk to an energy expert in real time as your class learns about the industry and energy systems while also offering the option to watch a pre-recorded presentation with interactive games and videos. This way, no matter the time restrictions an educator might face there will always be an opportunity to participate in the program. Additionally, the SEE team will work with teachers so they can choose the energy or environment  theme that best aligns with their classroom needs. 

Why should you sign up your class for a SEE VFT? Because learning energy is important. Energy is critical to our survival. Plus, no matter what students are interested in, they will be amazed to learn about the key role energy plays in our daily lives. On a SEE VFT they’ll learn valuable ways to help save energy, save the environment, and learn about technical and non-technical energy career options. 

Do you have questions or want to learn more? Our team is ready to assist you. So contact us today to schedule your SEE VFT!