Energy Awareness Month

October is one of the most memorable months of the year. We get to feel the Fall weather settle in and with Halloween just around the corner, there are plenty of reasons to be excited. But there is more than just pumpkin spice and spooky decorations that make October special. Declared by President George Bush in 1991, October is also Energy Awareness Month! Energy is one of the most influential components that contributes to the functionality of our modern day lives. We use energy to produce food, clothes, transportation and much more. Over the years, energy pioneers such as Nikola Tesla and Benjamin Franklin made giant technological breakthroughs, leading to innovating inventions we take for granted every day. As technology has continued to advance over the years, our easy and seemingly unlimited access to electricity, water and food has made us forget the important steps needed to make the energy we use every day readily available. 

Designed to make sure Americans become more aware of energy resources and the importance of proactive thinking when it comes to energy use, it is essential to take advantage of Energy Awareness month, especially as parents and educators. Taking some time in October to reflect on current energy practices in your home, school or company is what it’s all about. Often energy and sustainability are not prioritized and inevitably they are overlooked as the years go by. But this does not mean you can’t get things back on track. Creating an energy awareness game plan can make it easier to understand your energy habits throughout the year. A great way to start is to complete an assessment of how energy is being used and distributed in your home or organization on a daily basis. Analyze how the system in place could be more efficient and determine what actions need to take place to make this possible. Something as simple as turning up the air conditioning when you leave the building could help save energy and cut down your utility bill significantly.

Lucky for you, Smart Energy Education has all the resources you need to stay up to date on all things energy! Through our Watt Watchers program you can educate your children or students by taking them through interactive activities and fun learning games to make energy and sustainability an exciting part of their day. For any middle or high school students looking into a career in energy, try also going through the Resourcefulness eCourse, where they will have the chance to gain a more profound understanding of the energy-water nexus through articles, short videos and quiz questions. Finally, if you are an adult and are fascinated with energy and see yourself starting a career in the energy industry, make sure to check out Energy 101. Created by The University of Texas at Austin professor and energy expert Dr. Micheal Weber, Energy 101 has everything you need to gain the foundational knowledge on energy and the energy industry. At the end of the day, Energy Awareness month is all about being aware of our energy resources and making educated decisions about how energy is used. After all, energy is everywhere and is one of the fundamental necessities we need in our modern day lives.

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