The Importance of Coral Reefs 

Coral reefs are often associated with white sandy beaches, uniquely patterned fish, and brightly colored corals just below the water’s surface. We think of corals as the finishing touch to a tropical paradise full of crystal-clear ocean water. But did you know that coral reefs are some of the most complex ecosystems on the planet? The many different types of corals that exist can be found in both shallow, clear water as well as murky, deep, cool water and are responsible for supporting the life of millions of organisms and marine life. In fact, scientists estimate that there are millions of undiscovered species that could be the key to the development of revolutionary medications for everything from cancer and viruses to bacterial infections. 

NASA’s Next Mission: Water

As is discussed frequently in Smart Energy Education, water and energy share a unique and important relationship. We need energy to access water, and we need water to access energy. This connection, otherwise known as the energy-water nexus, is a pillar in our societies and intimately impacts the comfortability of our lives. We use water for everything from hygiene, cleaning, and watering our lawns to the cooling of the power plants that provide us with electricity and industrial processes that manufacture the products we love. Not to mention the water used to create energy through methods like hydroelectric dams. 

Save Your Energy, Save Your Money

Save Your Energy, Save Your Money

Save Your Energy, Save Your Money What Causes High Electric Bills? You might be wondering “why is my power bill so high?” Various shifts and global trends contribute to the rise of electric bills around the world. People continually think about this problem because they seek to conserve energy while staying productive and consuming energy. […]