Save Your Energy, Save Your Money

Save Your Energy, Save Your Money

Save Your Energy, Save Your Money

What Causes High Electric Bills?

You might be wondering “why is my power bill so high?”

Various shifts and global trends contribute to the rise of electric bills around the world. People continually think about this problem because they seek to conserve energy while staying productive and consuming energy. Still, these energy bills keep rising on some level. 

Several factors contribute to energy bills from demand, supply, infrastructure, and your provider. Of course, there are some aspects of this equation you can control, and some that you cannot.

Unfortunately, not everyone fully understands what makes their bills so high and why they might sharply rise over time. If they do not know why it occurs, they will have no idea how to control it. Hence, they wonder what causes their extremely high electric bills. Here are a few points to consider when thinking about energy use and high electric bills.

What Contributes to High Costs On Your Electric Bill?

Contrary to popular belief, the appliances contributing the most to high electric bills are not multiple light switches turned on simultaneously. Now, it certainly helps to turn light bulbs off after use, but it may not be the key contributor to the high electric bill.

So, if it’s not the lights, why is your bill so high?

Air Conditioners

Air-conditioners use a significant amount of energy and contribute to high electricity bills. Your air conditioning will certainly keep you cool in the hot months, but it comes at a cost. They are responsible for roughly 12% of home energy spending. Your bill may vary depending on your overall usage. But, finding ways to minimize use is better for the environment and better for your wallet.

Water Heaters

A close second in the race for high energy costs your water heater. From warming our water during extreme cold, or just using water for baths and showers throughout the years, we use our water heaters all year long. 

Like with air conditioners, water heaters use a significant amount of energy. But, skipping baths, taking shorter showers, and using energy-efficient water heaters can help you save energy and save money over time.

Vampire Appliances

Have you heard of vampire appliances? These are appliances that you may not use frequently but still keep plugged into your walls. For instance, phone chargers and laptop chargers, and other items can continue to draw energy while not in use. It is important to note where all your devices are plugged in – make a map of your home and draw where each outlet is located. Then, add a note to say what devices are plugged in. It all adds up fast, so if you want to quickly reduce your energy consumption, unplug any device that is not in use. 

Why Is My Electric Bill So High All Of A Sudden in 2021?

Although utility prices always fluctuate, there has been a rise in costs due to COVID-19. With so many people working from home and using more technology (such as video meetings), this of course impacts home energy use and contributes to higher electricity costs.

Working from home can also increase your use of heavier appliances in your homes during peak hours (the hours when we demand the most energy), such as air conditioners, water heaters, TVs, and dishwashers.

The more time you spend in your home, the more you may turn to energy consumption in various ways. You may keep the lights on, watch television for longer, take long warmer showers, and conduct other activities that may lead to higher bills. Further, you may take up more activities (such as cooking) and other activities that you did less often in the past, which may also contribute to a higher bill.

How Can I Stop My Electric Bill Being So High?

High electric bills are an inconvenience to anyone. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce your electric bill drastically. 

They are:

  • Turning off appliances when you are not using them: This is necessary to save valuable money. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most forgotten steps. It will help lower your electricity bills tremendously if you turn off unused appliances such as the TV and chargers.
  • Swap traditional bulbs for energy-saving ones: Although bulbs individually don’t put too much of a dent in your power consumption, using too many at a time can contribute to your high electric bills. Thus, experts recommend swapping traditional bulbs for energy-saving bulbs if you want to keep your lights on.

How Can I Reduce My Electric Bill Long Term?

Reducing your electric bills can take time. However, these two suggestions can help to achieve that goal:

  • Try to change older appliances: Appliances that were produced recently are more energy-conservative than older machines. Thus, if you want to lower your electric bills to a great degree, try and change your older appliances to new ones.
  • Insulate your home: Insulating your home makes sure that your home regulates temperature better. Ultimately, this limits the number of times you use HVAC appliances.
  • Consider solar: If you find it hard to keep up with the staggeringly high electric bills, you can consider other modes of electricity. Solar comes with an initial cost for installation, but over time it can help lower your electricity bill. 

Lowering your home energy bill use requires some patience and persistence, but monitoring how you use energy and managing your use will significantly help you to reduce your bills now and over time.