Back to School with Smart Energy Education

With the fall semester in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about all the amazing learning resources available at your fingertips. Smart Energy Education is here to help you add excitement to your classroom through hands-on activities, project-based lessons, games, and short videos. Smart Energy Education is composed of several robust STEM programs, such as Resourcefulness, an energy and water eCourse for high school students, and the Watt Watchers of Texas, a K-12 energy-saving program for schools and families. Each program on Smart Energy Education provides a wealth of learning materials, from standards-aligned lessons and activities to videos and interactive games.

Watt Watchers

Take your classroom activities to the next level with Watt Watchers. By providing fun, hands-on activities that allow students to see first hand how energy is used in modern day life, Watt Watchers can add an exciting new element to your classroom environment. No matter the grade level, there is always something new to learn. Have a fun arts and crafts afternoon with your elementary schoolers while teaching them about the value of repurposing items to recycle, or take your high schoolers through the process of learning to calculate how much water they use in their home. The resources provided on Watt Watchers can be used to supplement your teaching material while introducing your students to energy resources in an interactive way they have likely never experienced before.


For those older students who may be a little too advanced for recycling games and are interested in a more detailed look into the energy industry, check out our Resourcefulness program. Resourcefulness: An Introduction to the Energy-Water Nexus is an academic curriculum authored by Dr. Michael E. Webber at the University of Texas at Austin. It consists of eight in-depth modules that walk the students through what energy is, how it’s used in modern day systems, the influence of water in the energy sector as well as some solutions that have been developed to solve history’s greatest energy and water obstacles. Through detailed readings, interactive games, and videos, Resourcefulness can serve as a great introduction to the energy industry. By demonstrating energy and water conservation as an ongoing puzzle that requires constant innovation, completing the Resourcefulness eCourse could inspire students to pursue a career in energy and use their own innovative ideas to make the world a more sustainable and energy friendly place.

Energy 101

Energy 101 is a robust eCourse that focuses on energy, the environment, and policy. Authored by energy expert and The University of Texas at Austin professor, Dr. Michael E. Webber, this resource is a great introduction to energy concepts, themes, and industry. The program gives learners the tools and knowledge necessary to improve their energy literacy and apply what they have learned to all aspects of their life. After all, whether it be the utility bill in your home or the efficiency of the production in your business, understanding energy and being able to allocate your resources productively can make a world of a difference.

Smart Energy Education Virtual Field Trips

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to create obstacles for educators around the world, we understand how difficult it can be to bring outside resources to your classroom. High school students looking to learn more about their career options are faced with additional stress from lack of exposure to expert guest speakers from different fields. Industry professionals can be an excellent resource for students who are unsure of the major they want to pursue and can often be very helpful when introducing STEM based career options. In our new Smart Energy Education Virtual Field Trips, you can take your class on an adventure to learn about energy resources and energy careers with an industry expert leading the way. Schedule a live presentation with established researchers and industry experts who will walk your class through one of our lessons and activities or take advantage of one of our pre-recorded lessons to supplement the teaching material you already have.

Smart Energy Education always has something new to offer for students of all ages. Whether you’re an educator seeking in-depth classroom lessons, or a family seeking a fun activity for at-home learning, or even an adult looking to get into the energy industry, Smart Energy Education has something for everyone. For more information visit and remember – you are the future of energy!