Welcome to the Smart Energy Education Scholarship Program

Graduating high school is a remarkable achievement every student should be proud of. It’s a time to celebrate and commend your hard work to gain your diploma. Yet, high school graduation can also be stressful for many students. The decision to pursue a college degree, a skilled trade, join the military, or go straight into the workforce can be intimidating. Financial barriers can create uncomfortable situations for students who don’t have the support needed to accomplish their goals. Classes, training, books, living arrangements, and transportation costs can add up very quickly. This can be especially true when considering a university degree or even a skilled trade. Despite the commonality of these financial stressors, students should not have to feel the pressure of not being able to afford the pursuit of a higher education or trade.

The Smart Energy Education (SEE) Scholarship is for students seeking a career in energy and those aspiring to create a more energy efficient and sustainable world. Big change and innovation requires strong leadership, thankfully the SEE Scholarship is funded by both CPS Energy, the nation’s largest municipally owned energy company and Itron Inc., a Washington based technology company dedicated to providing energy and water management resources to create a more resourceful world. 

The SEE Scholarship is part of the larger SEE energy-literacy program initiative. Smart Energy Education is bridging collaboration among community thought leaders, trusted educational programs, and digital platforms that are working to improve energy-water literacy within the Greater San Antonio community and around the world. Smart Energy Education aims to demonstrate how improving energy and water literacy can foster community engagement and inspire communities to implement energy-saving practices in their everyday lives.

To qualify for the Smart Energy Education Scholarship, the student must attend or plan to attend either UT San Antonio, Texas A&M San Antonio, Trinity University, St. Mary’s University, University of the Incarnate Word, or any of the ACCD Colleges. Additionally, their major must be in the field of science, technology, math, engineering information systems, computer science, or cyber security. Finally, all students are required to be a citizen of the US, work towards an undergraduate or graduate degree, and demonstrate a desire to live in San Antonio and make a difference in the community.

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