Smart Energy Education Scholarship Now Open for 2023!

The Smart Energy Education Scholarship opening for 2023 is here! Available to any student pursuing an energy-related career, whether it be a four-year degree or a skilled trade, students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. With 2023 right around the corner, students around the nation are preparing to take the next step in their educational careers. The excitement of starting a skilled trade or attending a four-year university is on every graduating student’s mind. Yet, the financial stress of post-high school education can also be overwhelming. Taking the time to discover and apply for scholarships like the one offered by SEE is essential during this time of year. After all, college courses and apprenticeships require tremendous hard work. Students who take on the challenge of gaining a certificate or degree should be free to focus on their studies without the additional stress of ending up in debt. Thankfully, there are opportunities available to give students a helping hand. Learn more about the SEE Scholarship and the amazing previous Scholarship recipients here! And don’t forget to follow the Smart Energy Education Facebook page for updates on all our projects, scholarship opportunities, blog posts, and more!