Ideas for Building a More Sustainable Community

Ideas For Building A More Sustainable Community

Ideas for Building a More Sustainable Community

The push toward a more sustainable society is a challenge that requires everyone’s hard work and dedication in every community working together to institute changes that will make a difference. While one person may not be able to impact the whole world, that one person can make an impact on someone’s world. Working together as communities, great or small, can help spread the message of sustainability and resilience while working to demonstrate how positive changes in one group’s behavior can create a ripple effect in the larger community. 

The Path to Sustainability Requires Change

For some people, change may be difficult, but it is the change in behavior and attitude that will ultimately lead us to our worldwide sustainability goal. It may take time to showcase how your actions, no matter how big or small, are making an impact. Still, the ultimate result will be worth it when you see your entire community coming together on the path toward a more sustainable future. Organizations have the power to make an impact and guide others on the path to success. But one community is unlikely to be the same as another, so it is a chance for every organization – in whatever way ‘community’ is defined – to find the best path for them. 

It Takes a Community

When an entire group of people joins together to impact their community positively, they also lift the group’s spirits and create a social connection. When it comes to food, the environment, and fuel usage, one community and its resources will differ. That is why groups should gather and figure out the best ways of taking the necessary steps toward change for their unique community. Our friends at Sustainable America have assembled a valuable toolkit for change with various ideas that can be applied or altered to fit any organization’s needs.

Within the toolkit, you will find many resources and projects that may apply to your community. From preventing food waste and growing local food to avoiding idling in your car and the benefits of carpooling, the toolkit has easy-to-implement projects and movements to get you and your community on the path to a more sustainable future. From neighbor-to-neighbor collaborations to full community long-term projects, any step in the right direction to a positive impact on the community is a good one.

Utilize Your Resources and the Toolkit for Change

Because our communities are different, that means change, and the ways an organization can become more sustainable and resilient will be unique for their area. The Sustainable America toolkit has ideas that can either be implemented in your community or be used as the foundation of new, creative, innovative ideas for your group. The projects can be completed utilizing the resources you have and can also be adjusted to complement what you can gather. 

Another point to remember is that every community has its resources to draw from when it comes to developing a change plan. If your neighborhood, school, workplace, or any other organization you belong to has specific resources, utilize them. People bring various talents and skills to each community, so do not let them go to waste. And if your community already has an organization formed, join in and spread the word. It is that easy! If you are dedicated to making a change for the better and building a more sustainable community in your backyard, check out the Sustainable America guide and find a project that works for you and your community.