Energy and War Discussion

Energy can be both the cause and the instrument of modern war.

On March 31, 2022 KLRN Public Television hosted a virtual screening of the PBS and Amazon Prime series Power Trip: The Story of Energy. This screening featured the WAR episode, followed by a discussion with Power Trip author and energy expert Dr. Michael E. Webber, Founder and President of Ecospherics Sharon E. Burke, and Power Trip series director Mat Hames, and was moderated by Patricia Schouker, the Director of Strategy at PolySwarm and Non-Resident Fellow at the Science Diplomacy Center and the Payne Institute.

Filmed around the world, Power Trip uncovers the hidden energy that is embedded in our modern way of life and takes viewers on a journey through the past, present and future of energy. As our world population expands we face growing demand for energy, and the stakes to avoid environmental, climate, and natural disasters are high. But history shows us that energy’s great value is that it allows societies to reinvent themselves.

This event was powered by Itron, Inc. and CPS Energy as part of the Smart Energy Education initiative in partnership with KLRN Public Television, The University of Texas at Austin, Disco Learning Media, and Alpheus Media. 

Recorded March 31, 2022

Watch the War Episode Trailer from Power Trip: The Story of Energy