Shining a Light on Solar Energy Jobs: Pathways and Opportunities

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are becoming increasingly paramount in our modern environment, augmenting the need to maximize our renewable energy resources. Since the Industrial Revolution, energy has demonstrated a pattern of highlighting the birth of new eras, catapulting new technology into existence, and often improving our quality of life. However, it has also become evident that today’s solutions often prove to be tomorrow’s problems. 

The Future of Sustainable Agriculture

People have been fighting, experimenting, and inventing in the name of food and access to natural resources since the beginning of humanity. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, advancements in technology and innovation skyrocketed. The constant improvements experienced in industrial productivity were mirrored, thanks to new technology, by the agriculture industry and resulted in the ability […]

The Truth About Concrete and The Environment

Humanity has used concrete to build, protect and fortify communities for centuries. Made from a mixture of cement, water, sand, and gravel, its durability and cost-effectiveness have made it one of the most popular mediums for everything from the world’s largest construction projects to homemade decorative vases. As time has passed and new building techniques and technologies have been invented, the recipe for concrete has been tweaked and modified to fit the needs of different projects. This has allowed concrete to become one of the most versatile and commonly used building materials available. 

5 Tips for a More Sustainable Yard

Did you know that the type of lawn you have can contribute to global warming and significantly impact energy and water consumption? It’s true! From overwatering to using gas-powered lawn mowers and spraying chemical fertilizers, there are several ways in which your lawn care routine could wreak havoc on the environment. So what is there to do? When guests visit, your lawn is the first chance to make a first impression. Thankfully there is no need to stress; you can make many simple and easy changes to reduce your lawn’s effect on the environment while keeping it healthy and beautiful. Let’s dive in and explore some tips and tricks to help you create a beautiful, eco-friendly yard!

Battling Food Waste in High-Rise Apartments

The challenges we face regarding access to food have evolved drastically from the occasional inconsistency of hunting and gathering to the laborious hours needed to maintain a farm to the modern-day hassle of finding time to go to the grocery store or get your food delivered to your door. Thanks to modern energy and revolutionary technological advances such as those that brought us the refrigerator, artificial preservatives, and genetically engineered or GMO crops, humanity has successfully created an international food system where people can happily indulge in their favorite meals from a comfortable distance, far from the source of the fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains that end up on their table. 

World Water Day 2023

Water is essential to all life. We use it in our bodies to carry out cellular processes, in our land to grow food and raise livestock, and externally to keep ourselves and our surroundings sanitary. People lucky enough to live in a water-rich region are so accustomed to having water at arms reach 24/7 they often fail to see its unique value and lasting advantages. From agriculture and manufacturing to electricity and transportation, we need water for everything. So much so that steady access to clean, potable water can determine the prosperity of a community by facilitating gender equality, creating jobs, improving health, generating food, and allowing its members time to gain an education. 

The Fight Against Plastic in 2023

The Industrial Revolution brought about a sequence of events that dramatically changed the planet’s trajectory. After centuries of consistency, the days of monarchies, travel on horseback, and buying clothes strictly out of necessity slowly faded into the past. New technologies and the ability to use natural resources to maximize and produce energy made it possible for inventions like the steam engine, electric generators, and the incandescent lightbulb to bring humanity into a new age. In a short span, factories made it possible for clothing to be more accessible to the average person. Trains and then cars became standard methods of transportation. Suddenly, crops could be grown in abundance like never before. 

The Impact of Palm Oil 

The modern-day person can walk into a grocery or convenience store and buy products with ten ingredients they have never heard of before. In fact, there are some common ingredients that can be found in most of our everyday products whose origin and environmental impact are a mystery to the average person despite their significance. One such ingredient is palm oil. 

Fast Fashion and Public Health

Before the industrial revolution, creating clothes was no easy task. Textile merchants relied on spinning, threading, weaving, and sewing by hand to manufacture products. Consequently, clothes were much more expensive. Buying a new outfit or pair of shoes was done only out of necessity unless you were exceptionally wealthy. However, the Industrial Revolution brought about new technology that allowed manufacturers to create textiles at a significantly faster rate and a lower price. Suddenly, having the latest things became a social necessity, and modern consumer culture was born. 

Energy Trends and Careers Set to Thrive in 2023

2022 was a huge year for energy. An expected shift to renewables, halted following the energy crisis in Europe and further aggravated by the Russian war on Ukraine, left the energy sector in a scramble to get things back on track. The continued increase in the production of nonrenewable energy, such as coal, which is expected to reach its peak in 2023 as reported by the IEA, forecasts that co2 emissions will reach an all-time high in the coming years.