The Power of Growing a Food Garden 

Agricultural practices and food production have evolved from hunting and gathering and small-scale agricultural production to the massive high-yield food systems we see today. Thanks to modern energy, new technology, and scientific discoveries, we have succeeded in maximizing and modifying food production to fit people’s unique desires. Yet, not all is well in the food industry.

How is Food Connected to Energy? 

Modern energy has successfully facilitated the production and distribution of produce and meat products on a larger scale than ever before. Our society seems to no longer be subject to regional or seasonal limitations. Consequently, we have developed a food culture of overconsumption. But how exactly is food correlated with energy? And why is building a sustainable food system so important? 

The Importance of Not Wasting Food

The Importance Of Not Wasting Food

Food is essential for life. Every living creature on Earth must eat. Animals, in general, can scavenge or hunt for food to sustain themselves. Most animals consume all of the food they find. On the other hand, humans, especially in the United States, consume more than they need to survive. Going shopping for our weekly […]