What is Career Connected Learning?

Career-Connected Learning, sometimes referred to as Work-Based Learning, is an educational model that introduces students to career paths and employment opportunities through interactive programs and partnerships with established business entities, professionals, and experts in different fields. It is a model that has successfully been adopted worldwide and has proven effective in carving a path to fill skills gaps in industries lacking qualified job applicants. 

The Importance of Collective Learning in Energy Education for Collective Action in the Energy Sector

Our ability to pass on information from generation to generation, known as collective learning, stands as a hallmark of what makes us unique as human beings. Before modern civilization, it was imperative to communicate knowledge regarding animal migration, safe vegetation, and climate patterns to survive in the wild. The knowledge we have accumulated over centuries has allowed us to advance far beyond any other animal on the planet and continues to be a pivotal factor contributing to our future.

“What is Energy?” Passport Launch at The DoSeum

At Smart Energy Education and Watt Watchers of Texas we have worked tirelessly to update our resources and continue to provide the best energy education programs out there. Our goal to help boost energy literacy for K-12 students has remained the same throughout the pandemic and continues to motivate us when creating new resources for our community. And speaking of community, we were thrilled we had the opportunity to safely come together in person and launch a new learning experience in San Antonio with the DoSeum and our sponsor CPS Energy. 

Plug Into Energy with Smart Energy Education Virtual Field Trips

The past two years have been full of surprises. In person restrictions continue to be implemented around the world and pose a unique obstacle for educators. Smart Energy Education has an abundance of online resources for teachers and students – and now we’re happy to launch a new opportunity for schools; the SEE Virtual Field Trip series. 

Back to School with Smart Energy Education

With the fall semester in full swing, Smart Energy Education is here to help you add excitement to your classroom through hands-on activities, project-based lessons, games, and short videos. Learn more about the program here.

Champions of Change

This summer, CPS Energy, the largest municipally owned electric and natural gas provider in the United States, and global technology leader Itron, Inc., joined forces to launch the CPS Energy Summer Fellowship Program, along with the BEE Project, SOS San Antonio, the Webber Energy Group at UT Austin, and Disco Learning Media. Read more about the program here.

The Importance of Hands-On Learning in Energy Education

The Importance of Hands-On Learning in Energy Education

Sustainability is important for our future because it helps to put an emphasis on the importance of clean water, free clean air, and natural resources. Progress will depend on building a solid understanding of efficiency and sustainability. The common consensus is that Earth’s resources are finite and humanity’s various activities can have a massive impact […]

What Are The Benefits of Energy

What Are The Benefits Of Energy

Each aspect of your modern life depends on energy infrastructure. From charging your phone to make calls and browse the web, hopping into your car, and driving to the nearest health food store or farmers market, processing mobile transactions, energy provides more simplicity and connections.